I am tamekia payne, but my friends call me teepayne, so you may call me teepayne.

A North Carolina native and mother of three, I have been (mostly) happily married to my husband for 15 years! I graduated from North Carolina State University, in Raleigh, North Carolina (go wolfpack!) in 2006 and 

immediately entered into military service as an officer in the world's finest Air Force. In the Air Force, I stay true to my core beliefs of servant leadership, team advocacy, and speaking unpopular truth. I'm known to march to the beat of my own drum and I LOVE IT. What I bring to the world is the gift of love, in all its forms and dimensions, to cultivate what is in a person to bring out their best version of themselves. Call me a life coach, call me a good leader, whatever works for you, but that's what I do.

What you're seeing here on my site is a work in progress and just like me is yet to be complete, but moving growing publicaly in hopes of motivating someone else (you) to join me in this ride of awesome vulnerability paving the road to greatness.

Whether in my life's work, More Than Just A Tulip, soon coming PaynePoints Podcast or ever evolving fitness journey, I look forward to motivating, inspiring, and propelling you to your best you now!

  • 5 stage leadership development

  • Divine feminity

  • Healing the scars of the womb

  • Personal development under the surface

  • Self advocacy and C-suite representation

  • Playing small/shrinking

  • Female unity

  • Balancing womanhood

  • Redefining pretty

  • Your story matters

  •  Methodology: U4R Uproot, Redefine, Reboot, Rebuild, Rebirth.

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