Hi, I'm Tamekia Payne!

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Tamekia Allen Payne is a natural leader, change-agent, and thinker. 

She values hope, love, discovering, authenticity, and empowerment. 

A North Carolina native, her humble beginnings made her the

fire-cracker transformational person that you see today.  As a

leader in the military, she has learned a thing or two about the

power of adversity, developing legacy, and focusing on what matters. 


When she is not managing a team of 900 people, she is happily

occupied with being a helpmeet and eye candy (ahem) for her

hot husband of 15 years and a phenomenal (according to her)

mother to three nearly normal, but fantastic generational game

changers.  Enjoying the task of creating harmony with all things that

require her attention (including herself), she is a household name in

the making and definitely one to watch. Curious yet?

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